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Palm Beach Count Extension Specialist



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Manes By Melinda

With over 20 years of experience as a stylist and salon owner, Melinda specializes in Extensions, Blondes, Long Layered Haircuts, Dimensional Hair Color, and Hand Tied Extensions.

 She also has a profound love for continuing her education in hair and saw issues clients were facing with past extension methods that had failed them. Clients were looking for extensions that are gentle on the hair, wouldn’t cause scalp irritation, extensions that are lightweight and flexible, blend seamlessly with the natural hair, are effortless to wear and could be hidden when in a ponytail even with fine fragile hair. 

Melinda began her journey to try different extension methods to find the best possible solution for her clients and one she felt good about recommending.


The solution was a sew in Hand Tied Beaded Weft Extension. These are applied with a foundation that would distribute weight evenly while providing a slim profile that is easily concealed. Solving the issues she had previously dealt with in other methods. She could feel good about providing a safe and healthy method of Hair Extensions that will giving them the hair they have always dreamed of.


Melinda is also known for her interpersonal relationships that she forms with her clients; she relishes in learning about her clients and providing them an experience that allows them to relax and feel at their best. Originally from Arizona and raised in Northern Michigan, Melinda has spent many years in training including advanced hair cutting classes, and  razor cutting from Bumble and Bumble in New York City. She has also completed courses with Goldwell, Redken, and Schwartzkopf for hair color. Her knowledge and love for hair has earned her a nomination as top hairdresser in Phoenix by Arizona Foothills Magazine. Her clients in Arizona were used to booking appointments with her a year in advance.   Every one of Melinda's clients walk away with confidence and, of course, gorgeous hair.

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